Top 10 Most Futuristic Hotels in the World

10 Hotels from the Future - Most Futuristic Hotels in the World

Don’t you feel like skipping into the future where life is back to normal? Let’s fast forward even more, and see how future generations live and where they spend their holidays. Sounds impossible? Because it is. We don’t have this technology yet.

However, some existing hotels are way ahead of their time. They are so impressive as if they came from the future.

This is our top list of most impressive futuristic hotels in the world in no particular order.

This majestic hotel opened its doors just a year ago in February 2020. It is set in the Opus building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa District. The Opus building is also occupied by offices, restaurants, and serviced apartments. ME Dubai is designed by Zaha Hadid and has 74 bedrooms and 19 suites. The lobby has a glass ceiling and is formed with 3 stories of galleries, its balconies have curvy shapes and are made of glass as well. ME Dubai, which is the first entry for ME Hotels to the Middle East, aims to commit to sustainability by becoming entirely plastic-free. Sustainable Environment and Infrastructure is part of the UAE’s Vision 2021. The UAE Government wants to ensure sustainable development while preserving the environment.

A 5-Star luxury hotel, located in Madrid City Centre. It has 12 floors and was designed by 19 architects from 13 different countries. Every floor, bar, restaurant, gardens, lobby, and car park had its architect. It is a place that invites its guests to dream. Each floor showcases different designs, colours, and shapes. The originality, freedom, and innovative luxury create a remarkable experience for every guest. The idea behind this hotel was to invite the best architectures in the world and give them space to reflect their best works. To showcase and reflect the best of themselves. Their culture and their vision of the world through their architecture and design.

A gold standard of moving forward. Marriott debuts its bold W Hotels brand into the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The hotel is positioned right across the iconic Petrona towers. “Kuala Lumpur is one of the most modern cities in Asia. Skyrocketing from its humble heritage as a mining town to a skyline punctuated by skyscrapers, it’s clear that, like W, the city has a passion for embracing what’s new and next in the world – a natural fit for the W Hotels brand” – Anthony Ingham, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels Worldwide.

W Kuala Lumpur has 150 guestrooms and suites, including two WOW suites and one Extreme WOW Suite (the brand’s take on the traditional presidential suite). All W Kuala Lumpur rooms and suites incorporate traditional accents like indigenous “Wau” tassels commonly featured on Malaysian kites and pixelated versions of batik designs.

An enormous glass structure that’s lit in purple colour during the night. Stepping inside this hotel you will find a futuristic interior with emphasis on the local tropical landscape, with an LED screen waterfall and glowing grass lights that line the red carpet entrance. W Singapore is an urban oasis located on Sentosa, the city’s most glamorous island only minutes away from downtown Singapore. It is designed by London-based architects WATG and renowned design firm Rockwell Group. The inspiration for this hotel came from the buzzing energy of the city.

A midtown central hotel just minutes away from Times Square. The hotel is designed by London and New York architects and uses technology from the future. At check-in, the guests are welcomed by a futuristic check-in booth where their luggage will be retrieved or stored by a giant robotic arm. The Yotel has 669 cabin rooms which are inspired by the Japanese capsule accommodation. As it says on the official website ”By making smart use of technology, we make things easy and save you time, focusing on YOTEL’s ethos to give you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.” It is a fun, funky, modern, and very innovative hotel like no other. Seriously you should try it out at least once in a lifetime.

A futuristic capsule hotel based in Tokyo. Capsule hotels are very popular in Japan, however we very much like this one that is based near Korea town. All the pods have single beds for 1 person only. They have a futuristic design with adjustable lights, a charger, a USB port, and a place where to put your phone. On arrival, each guest will be given their pajamas, slippers, and toothbrush. Each floor is separated for men and women, including the lifts. Some say that the capsules are like hostels, same price but way modern, and we pretty much agree with this quote. This hotel has all the necessary facilities you would find in the normal hostel, but better! If you are not claustrophobic, it is a unique experience you should try at least once.

A truly breathtaking hotel with an astonishing £300 million investment and years in building. The hotel is built into the cliffs of an abandoned quarry about 30 miles away from Shanghai’s city center. It has 18 floors with 2 of them being underwater with their own aquariums in the room. The best view of the hotel can be seen arriving from the helicopter. The building has a ying-yang shape that represents a balance between men and nature. The helicopter pad is located right in the middle of the quarry so you will have quite a spotlight when you arrive. Guests can kayak in the quarry, rock climb, and even zipline across. A seafood restaurant located one floor below water level. The room is surrounded by a 10m deep aquarium of many creatures – small & big colourful fishes, sharks & rays. This hotel offers all the facilities and services you require so that you won’t have to leave outside its grounds for the whole of your duration.

This cutting edge hotel was built as an adjunct to the Cotai Casino. It is definitely for those who love to gamble, as it features over 200 gaming tables and more than 500 gaming machines across its multi-level casino. The reason why this hotel is on our list is because of its swimming pool. It is named in the top 10 best swimming pools in the whole world by Forbes magazine. The water laps against the floor to ceiling window and even has music when you dive in. Take a drink at the bar and enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views of the Macau Peninsula. The views will give you an irresistible urge to come back here over and over again.

A 4-star thermal spa hotel with 200 rooms right amidst the majestic Alps. 12 swimming pools, 7 saunas, and 22,000 square meters are waiting for you. The futuristic architecture blends in perfectly with the stunning Alpine valley. They did a good job by blending the hotel facilities with nature. A perfect balance. It is perfect in the winter amidst snow to relax in the hot pool and it’s perfect in the summer to sunbathe whilst admiring the beautiful nature. There’s a free ski shuttle, ski rentals, ski passes, and ski storage. Also please note that taking pictures in the pools and saunas is not allowed. Do you know why?

A very modern and luxury villa set on the French Riviera with scenic views. It is located in Cap Ferrat and was designed with ultra-modern and contemporary living spaces, offering 7 uniquely designed bedrooms for up to 14 guests. It has a panoramic swimming pool with lift access, a private gym, and lush gardens. What’s unique and futuristic about it is that it is designed mostly out of glass, to blend into the souring nature and make the most of the surrounding views. This villa is not for everyone to rent as the price starts from £30,000 per week.

“A man of ordinary talent will always be ordinary, whether he travels or not; but a man of superior talent will go to pieces if he remains forever in the same place.”
― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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1 year ago

Love it! Fantastic selection of hotels and a great read.

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