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From €160 p/n

Convento do Espinheiro

Convento do Espinheiro EVORA, PORTUGAL Overview Convento do Espinheiro Historic Hotel & Spa is a true national treasure, a luxury 5-star hotel set in a

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From €199 p/n

Quinta da Bela Vista

Quinta da Bela Vista MADEIRA, PORTUGAL Overview Nestled on a stunning Madeira island, Quinta da Bela Vista is a cosy resort that boasts rooms with

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From €94 p/n

Molino del Carmen

Molino del Carmen GAUCÍN, SPAIN Overview Fantastic Airbnb apartments which boast magnificent views of Gaucín and the Crestillina mountains. One of its terrace features a

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From €190 p/n

Santiago de Alfama

Santiago de Alfama LISBON, PORTUGAL Overview A stunning boutique hotel that is famous for its authenticity, located in the very south of Lisbon, close to

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From €155 p/n

Baixa House

Baixa House LISBON, PORTUGAL Overview Gorgeous apartments right in the capital of Portugal, minutes away from popular attractions and public transport. These are chic apartments

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From €80 p/n

Hotel Castillo de Monda

Hotel Castillo de Monda MONDA, SPAIN Overview This is a gorgeous historic castle that has been brilliantly refurbished into a stunning hotel in Monda. It

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From €94 p/n


Donnenzo Luxury Suites LATIANO, ITALY Overview A stunning hotel accommodation located in the south of Italy, Latiano, just 20 minutes away for Salento airport where

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From €120 p/n

Pepoli 9 Luxury Suites

Pepoli 9 Luxury Suites ROME, ITALY Overview A charming hotel in the heart of Rome, with designs inspired by contemporary artists. The hotel’s amazing interiors

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From £145 p/n

The Bradley Hotel

The Bradley B&B CHELTENHAM, UNITED KINGDOM Overview An elegant house in Cheltenham centre, furnished with luxury bedrooms that are mostly inspired by traditional English interiors.

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From £215 p/n

The Eastbury Hotel & Spa

The Eastbury Hotel & Spa SHERBORNE, UNITED KINGDOM Overview A peaceful and charming hotel set in the heart of Sherborne. Once a private residence, now

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From £90 p/n

Hotel Moonlight

Hotel Moonlight LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM Overview A ravishing boutique hotel set right in the heart of the Great London with endless entertainment just in short

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From €69 p/n

Hostal Rural Ioar

Hostel Rural Ioar NAVARRA, SPAIN Overview A cosy rural 18th century Mansion house, set in the village of Sorlanda and surrounded by the breathtaking distant

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From €75 p/n

Quinta do Rapozinho

Quinta do Rapozinho CABECEIRAS DE BASTO, PORTUGAL Overview This is a uniquely designed hotel set in the north of Portugal, offering peace and tranquility amidst

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From €155 p/n


Susafa SICILY, ITALY Overview A superb hideaway accommodation that perfectly reflects the SNEZNY concept, set out beyond the hills and nature that take hospitality into

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