Simplusivity is the new Luxury

Simplusivity is the new Luxury

Luxury travel was once envisioned in the frame of opulence, extravagant resorts with breathtaking views, ostentatious hotels with plush suites, gourmet dinners, high street shopping, exclusive spa retreats, private experiences, and chartered travel. In the background of current silence, however, do you hear the gears shifting? Do you sense the game-changing? Customers can feel it. Service providers can feel it. The entire tourism industry can feel it. The air is filled with echoes of newfound trends. Change is upon us!

Though conventionality is intact to an extent, the industry has taken on a new dimension, the driving gear of which is simplusivity, i.e., simple exclusivity, or plainly put, exclusivity with a dash of simplicity.

Let’s analyze it in the light of straight mathematics, considering luxury travel to be a fraction in literal translation, with a numerator and a denominator. Whether it is about witnessing Holi in the pink city of Jaipur charmed by blush-coloured buildings lining the streets (an event so exorbitantly kaleidoscopic that it makes Mardi Gras look like a scene out of an old black-and-white film), or joining Golden Eagle Festival celebrations in the far west of Mongolia; there is one common denominator tending to infinity.

Now think of private dining as a delicious, multi-course Italian meal affair in Tuscany with Michelangelo’s David, or fulfilling your blue-blood fantasies as you rub shoulders with the British Royal Family on a regal adventure in the Scottish Highlands; the numerator is giving hints of approaching infinity. Why not after all? According to Amadeus Travel Intelligence, luxury travel is expected to generate $1,154 billion globally by 2022, accounting for 20% of all travel spending. With a major chunk blushing in continuous growth, what was once considered a niche can now be treated as a fully functioning market in its own right.
What steals the show in this bubbling market is an austere, high-end vacation delivering unique experiences that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Wondering the origin of the relation between logic and abstractness just described? I derived it from a brief study of L’Hôpital’s rule in calculus which provides a technique to evaluate limits of indeterminate forms.

To infuse those calculations right into business, it is worth realising that luxury travellers spend at least six times as much as the average consumer per year, which bestows them with the entitlement to meaningful and truly memorable experiences brought to them by specialist travel leaders who have carefully designed and curated an itinerary personally for them, resulting in nothing close to pretty accurately repeatable experiences that thousands of people end up having at the oft-visited places. Time is precious to these high-ticket customers and they want the assurance that every single moment of theirs will be intricately crafted, from start to finish. Tailoring the trip right down to the minutest details to make sure that the guests get what they want, at their desired location, and exactly the way they wish becomes key, packed with reliability, authenticity, and flexibility.

What’s the output of such a meticulous process then? A romantic outing on a floating home like the beautiful ALEXA! Nah, not the Amazon’s artificial intelligence bot, but a spectacular 38-meter, immaculately designed, single-cabin sailing vessel built for two, offering tailored cruises around Greece’s magical Ionian islands, and even Maldives. Or, if your taste buds are zesty, a lifetime of a private party in Iceland, studded with helicopter arrival, glacier, world-famous international DJ, and more; while you burn a hole in the ice dancing the night away with beats straight out of an Ibiza nightclub under a star-filled sky (and the moon maybe).

Some simple, state-of-art garnish on these delicacies? Rooting the exclusive offerings with a touch of sustainability for well-heeled explorers seeking out philanthropic experiences that allow them to give back to the destinations they visit is as important as taking time to discover the hidden gems in each region you sell. Wanting to enjoy humble and heart-touching interactions with local communities isn’t hackneyed for evolved travelers as the pillar of simplicity gains strength, fueled by a burning desire to explore the unexplored.
The buck stops with all of us, as stakeholders in the tourism sector, to shine a light on simplusive (exclusive yet simple) experiences that brighten lives forever!

Simplusivity is the new Luxury

““Losing yourself in travel lets you find yourself.”
― Anonymous

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