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Do you have a unique and stylish property that has its own character or story? Or perhaps it is hidden in wonder and can be only exposed to those who truly seeks it? Then join our collection and we will help you to uncover your gem.

Reasons to join:
We support and promote direct bookings.
Having a profile on our website will help with your SEO.
Paid social media campaigns.
Online Marketing and PR.
Email Newsletters.
Coming soon: Printed Magazine

We are a family owned business.
Unlike OTA’s and other corporates, we support the properties we work with.
You are in charge. We wont meddle with payments or cancellations.
Be part of a community of passionate wanderers.

Only the finest properties are accepted in to the collection.
Money cannot buy your way in.
Receive direct referrals to your website and booking enquiries.
On request booking system.
We charge an entrance fee of £249 inc VAT for building the property profile and marketing activities.
Flexible terms – annual listing fee or via commission.