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About Us

Snezny – Is a travel lifestyle magazine dedicated to gather unique, luxurious and remote hotels to its portfolio. Our collection includes carefully hand-picked hotels and accommodation properties with stylish design features and unique character. Dwellings that will truly take your breath away.

Enlightenment for individuals, a romantic getaway, family reunion or a binding journey with closest friends – our magazine will help you discover every avenue.

Going the extra mile is always worth it, as there is nothing like enjoying a memorable break and disconnecting yourself from the mayhem of everyday life.

The Story

Snezny was founded in October 2018 by a hospitality professional Arthur Snezko, whose vision is to gather only exceptional accommodation properties into one incredible collection.

To become exceptional does not require to have a certain amount of awards or stars, a 24-hour room service nor an outdoor swimming pool.

We take into account how hotels are able to put together a story and a character that forms a journey which will give every guest the utmost memorable experience. Its unique character, the setting, the ambience; these are all the factors that contributes to an extraordinary stay.

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