10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home in 2021

It is that time of the year when you try to book in advance an overpriced dinner for 2 in the restaurant. Today, in 2021 what would you give to go to a restaurant right now? Or even a relaxing holiday near the beach abroad?

The majority of us are forced to stay in on Valentine’s day, but this doesn’t mean you should cancel this international holiday. Everyone is thinking outside of the box to make this day special. And you should too. Otherwise, your second half will be disappointed, and you will be disappointed as well because everyone in the world is doing something and you are not. You will feel left out, and we don’t want this to happen to you.
Staying at home is probably better, as you will escape the commercial side of this day (expensive restaurant meals, jewellery presents, flowers, etc).

If you are looking for some valentine’s day ideas and what to do for valentine’s day in lockdown, you are in the right place. As a Travel magazine, we won’t tell you which hotels and restaurants you should visit, or provide our top destinations where you should go, because it’s simply not possible right now. So instead, we will give you interesting ideas on how you can make this day special at your own home.

1. Virtual Mixology masterclass

As we are right now in the third lockdown, you can now deliver almost anything to your home. Look for an online cocktail masterclass event and spend time with your partner learning new cocktails and bar tricks. Some of them are offering a delivery box with all the ingredients beforehand. If you know what you are doing, you can always go to a nearby grocery store and get all the ingredients and liquor yourself.

2. Recreate the first date

The first date is one of the memorable dates in every relationship. Perhaps even the best one. Where was your first date? What food did you eat? Did you go to see a movie? Do you remember? Whatever it is, recreate it at home. Wear the same clothes, watch the same movie, buy the same flowers, eat the same food. Do whatever you can to recreate this magical moment. Even if your first date was somewhere overseas (lucky you), bring the environment of that place home with the help of decorations.

3. Sushi night

Everyone loves sushi, right? The Japanese traditional food has conquered the whole world with its simple yet delicious ingredients: rice, seafood, and vegetables. If you haven’t tried making sushi at home by yourself, it’s a perfect time to start. There are plenty of tutorials available online with in-depth guides on how many ingredients to put and how to roll. You can also buy self-rolling “kits” online. The big Morrisons and other grocery stores always sell some seaweed and sushi rice. Prepare your list and go.

4. Exchange love letters

Do you remember the last time you wrote a letter? We are not talking about an email or a long WhatsApp text. An actual paper letter that’s written with a pen? Believe it or not, but before the internet, this is how communication was done. And until today, receiving a handwritten letter feels very personal and emotional. It has its magic. That’s why you should exchange with your partner handwritten letters on valentine’s day, outlining all the best qualities and why you are in love with them.

5. Give each other a massage

Every woman loves massages and SPA treatments. Some men love them too. And yet no one can have them right now. So do it at home for each other instead. Grab a body oil, set up background music, light up the candles, and give your partner a pleasant 1-hour relaxing massage. Then invite one in return. If you’re not into massages, take a soothing bath together instead.


6. Create a Scrapbook of your relationship

This idea is so old, and yet we had to bring it up. Believe it or not, but until today some couples still don’t have a photo album or a scrapbook with their adventures and memorable moments. If you are one of them, this is what you should do: gather all your favourite photos, meaningful receipts, train tickets, airline tickets, etc, and create a book of memories. Send your photos to Snappy Snaps and get them delivered to your door.

7. Order food from your favourite restaurant

Yes, it is that simple and straightforward. All the local and big chain restaurants are offering delivery of your favourite meals straight to your door. Support your local restaurants by ordering food delivery.

8. Flower Delivery

Same as with the food delivery. Don’t make the pandemic an excuse. You can order flowers from your local shop. Give them a call and see what they can offer. But please be aware that the prices might be a bit higher during Valentine’s day.

9. Bring your Holiday to Home

Was your holiday cancelled? Did you plan to go somewhere this year and still not sure if you will make it? Bring your desired destination to your home. Research about the traditional colours, dress up the room and get selves themed outfits. As a bonus, you can try and perfect your desired country’s traditional cocktails (if the country has) and meals. There you go, your holiday destination right at your home.

10. Speed Dating

Yes, it is a thing. If you are single and have no plans for this Valentine’s day, be sure to try virtual speed dating. It’s a new way to meet similar single people online. There are plenty of events happening on the 14th of February and are divided by age groups and locations. Some of these events are free, some have an entrance fee ranging from £10 and up.

Bonus tip: Prepare mentally.

Whichever way you will decide to celebrate valentine’s day, we highly advise preparing for this day mentally as well. Avoid talking to your partner about daily boring relationship topics such as kids, mortgage, bills, etc. Instead, think about your partner, think about your first date. Try remembering the feeling when you were getting ready for that first date. Put on your best behavior and show the best of you. Bring back that charm, good manners, and pleasant personality.

Despite what’s going on in the world, please do not cancel on this day. This is a perfect time to refresh your romantic feelings for each other and strengthen your relationship. Enjoy this day and have fun!

“A man of ordinary talent will always be ordinary, whether he travels or not; but a man of superior talent will go to pieces if he remains forever in the same place.”
― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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